Founded in 1998, Newport Computer Group offers IT support services for both large and small business clients. We are focused on using the latest technologies to improve our clients efficiencies by transforming their business. We take a proactive approach to IT that help prevent problems from happening in the first place so systems keep running smoothly 24×7.

We understand that your business comes first and that technology serves the role of supporting your business. Much more than just an IT services company, our clients think of Newport Computer Group as a business and technology partner who also has skin in the game.

Need to keep your IT costs under control? Our flat-rate prices are just what the doctor ordered. Poke us today to discuss how we can help with all your technology needs.

A Quote from Our President:
“Newport Computer Group provides outstanding and reliable IT Consulting Services, we approach each new client by listening intently and getting to know your compuany’s needs and priorities. Understanding your business needs and building a relationship founded in trust is our main focus and our driving force.”