What is Managed Services?

Proactive remote monitoring, management and maintenance of all your IT systems. We offer complete workstation support no matter where your employees work. We schedule preventative maintenance, deliver antivirus protection, and OS patch management. Proactively monitoring increases system reliability, uptime and security by resolving any potential problems before they have a major impact on your employee’s and your business productivity.

Insure Maximum Uptime for Critical Equipment:

  • 24x7x365 Network Monitoring
  • Over 255 Events/Services Monitored
  • Critical Services Automatically Restarted
  • Immediate Alerting
  • Automated Escalation Process
  • Proactive not Reactive

Vendor Management

  • Our Most Popular Money Saving Service
  • Manage all Vendor Relationships
  • Internet and Phone Providers
  • All Voice or Data Connected Equipment
  • Faxs, Scanners, Copiers
  • Proprietary Softwary Applications

One Fixed Monthly Cost!

  • Support and maintain your entire Organization Remotely
  • Phone Support
  • Remote Assistance (Desktop Sharing)
  • Automated Escalation Process
  • Onsite Support As Needed
  • Server Disaster Recovery

Why is this important to you?

Networks can become unstable over time if proper maintenance is not performed. When a failure does occur, network downtime causes loss of employee productivity and costs employers thousands of dollars in lost revenues.

By using our Managed IT Solutions’, network failures are minimized. This is achieved using our proprietary monitoring software that ensures that all patches, updates and upgrades have been applied thereby providing you with the most stable and available network infrastructure.

We also proactively monitor for possible future problems such as anti-virus definitions, disk space utilization and other anomalies that can cause network downtime. Our team of highly trained engineers proactively responds to these events and mitigates the issue to ensure maximum uptime for your IT infrastructure.


How can we do it?

Just like a smart medical strategy we put our emphasis on health and prevention. The healthier you are and the more problems we help you prevent (or can catch early), the less time and effort is spent on the cure.
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It is truly a win/win situation

You pay less and get more. More service, more uptime, more satisfaction. Other firms make their money when your systems break or become too slow to use. We are successful the less your systems go down and the more they run.

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Our Managed IT Solutions’ allows companies access to high-level engineers that work on various types of network situations every day. Companies leverage our expertise and knowledge base to provide cross platform support for their network infrastructure, all for an easily budgeted monthly fee.

We make it easy for companies to get started with Managed Services by selecting just a few critical network devices, or the entire network to be monitored and maintained. We offer multiple levels of service from alert & trouble-ticketing up to fully out-sourced help desk and on-site service.

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