Microsoft Exchange Email

Email has evolved from a secondary form of communication to a mission critical communications tool that allows your employees to work with increased productivity. This greater reliance on e-mail has increased the amount of workload an employee is capable of handling and has raised the dependency on your email system.

Employees want a system that works efficiently and offers access to shared calendars, contacts, attachments, and email. They require this efficiency with a variety of devices regardless of where they are located.

As a company using email you are bombarded by issues such as SPAM, poor service, accidental deletions and new privacy laws, in addition to the possibility of unplanned natural disasters.

With your company depending on your email system, it’s extremely important to keep your Exchange Server working efficiently, while ensuring that your employees and their communications partners are protected from viruses, spam, spyware and malware. Making sure that email is not abused and does not put your company in a position of liability is also an important issue to consider.

At Newport Computer Group we can help you face these and other issues regarding your email system.  Contact our Microsoft Exchange email experts for help with managing or developing your email solution.

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Excellent computer tech, a real genius at solving technical problems with my office server and my workstations. Always quick to respond to our needs in the office and solves problems intellegently

Michael B.

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Richard really knows his stuff. We dealt with many different computer issues -some big and some small- before hiring Richard. He has been strategically resolving each of our issues, one-by-one.

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