Passwords – a necessary evil?

Passwords! They are so inconvenient, and even harder to create good ones, and yet we need them to securely protect our online accounts. So, I want you to create security passwords that are complex and extremely hard to remember, and as long as the eye can see.. such as 32 to 64 characters.

There are 2 ways to accomplish this;

  1. A photographic memory.
  2. Subscribe to a password manager software app.

OK, yes I know your web browsers can remember your online passwords for you -however you should never allow any of your web browsers to remember your passwords -never.

In fact if you have been saving your online passwords in your web browsers you should immediately delete them all and tell your all your web browsers to not save your passwords ever again.

Why? Web browsers are very easily compromised by a hacker’s tools so much so that you won’t even know that they stole all of your passwords. So never, never, never, use your web browsers to save your passwords, Period.

Instead use a good 3rd party password manager. Some of the best password managers are listed below, click the photo to their websites.

And remember to always use 2-factor authentication with your login accounts.

If you ever find that you need help with any of this password security stuff, you can always call us at the office anytime: (949) 436-TECH Newport Computer Group


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