What is Web 3.0?

The current version of the Internet as we know it today is known as Web 2.0, or Web2. Its current incarnation is said to have begun in 2004 or 2005, but there is no official “start” date that web historians universally agree on. If you are old enough to remember the Internet as it was from 1991 to 2004, then you are familiar with how simple, and text-based things were beforehand. It was more like a digital encyclopedia and less reliant on social interactions outside of emails and very standard chat rooms. This is referred to as Web 1.0. So what exactly is Web 3.0, and what does it mean for both the average citizen of the Internet as well as IT Support Companies in Orange County such as Newport Computer Group? We are here to provide a brief explanation to help familiarize you with the concept a little better.

The future is now!

Thinking about the future of the Internet can be exciting, but it can also be intimidating. Believe it or not, Web3 is currently in development as we speak. Whether you realize it or not, you are probably already using some Web3 technology, this includes:

  • Blockchain technology. You might have become familiar with this because of the spread of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) in 2021.
  • Cryptocurrency (e.g. BitCoin, DogeCoin)
  • Siri and Alexa
  • Wolfram Alpha

When we talk about Web 3.0, we are essentially talking about the Internet which is powered by blockchains. But what are those? IBM defines them as “a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network.” Blockchains are created by a peer-to-peer network, unlike other systems that have webmasters overlooking them. Think of it this way: the U.S. government creates and distributes dollar bills and coins. They are legal property. When we post something to websites such as Facebook, those things aren’t really ours anymore. We are already aware of how tech giants use our data to sell relevant products to us. As the saying goes, “if it’s free, you are the product.”

With blockchain, we can decentralize information. It claims that it is the solution to the issue revolving around transactions and their records. By providing a peer-to-peer system, one can expect to have control over their own data and more anonymity, competing with that of the Web 2.0 giants that rule the net as we know it right now. You are likely already familiar with YouTubers who have made a living by creating content. However, they must abide by the platform’s terms of service and can be terminated at any time. Platforms such as Theta and Flixxo are currently testing out a blockchain system, where one can earn tokens or money from views or shares and not have to worry about abiding by certain terms and conditions.

We are always prepared

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